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More than Just a Lawyer

Carolann Edwards: Norton Rose Fulbright’s very own ‘Engineer’

Thursday, 18 February 2016
Norton Rose Fulbright
Carolann Edwards: Norton Rose Fulbright’s very own ‘Engineer’

"As a global law firm, Norton Rose Fulbright has ensured its core values and quality of work are shared around the world. "

As a global law firm, Norton Rose Fulbright has ensured its core values and quality of work are shared around the world. In this stride Carolann Edwards plays a pivotal role as Global Director of Learning and Organisational Development. She is known for her specialties in management, business and organisational development. Upon further investigation, we saw that Carolann brings a much more diverse set of skills to the table when fulfilling her mandate. She is a hybrid between an engineer and expert tailor, and here is why.

As a trainer and coach, she ensures that all non-legal development at each of the firm’s offices is second to none. Better than the skills courses you are exposed to in the formative years of your LLB degree. Carolann specialises in developing non-legal skills, but to a level which you are yet to experience. The firms Learning and Development curriculum includes robust growth plans including six international academies. All this caters for a graduate’s skills growth throughout their entire career path. It is in this international landscape that Carolann Edwards’ engineering cap is put on.

Steering clear of the one-size-fits-all approach, Carolann reverse engineers all training programs to their bare parts, almost as if syphoning the obiter from a constitutional court case. This keeps the golden thread of excellence consistent in all offices around the world. Once the engineering process is done, she begins to tailor a solution that’s relevant to the specific needs of the country where Norton Rose Fulbright is operating. The bare components of excellence are weaved into the fabric of the cultural nuances of the landscape to ensure a graduate receives the best tools to thrive in the firm and in the environment they are to practice in..

Norton Rose Fulbright’s Learning and Development program has received international commendations and Carolann cites its multifunctional nature as one of the many reasons why their program stands out. The learning from Norton Rose Fulbright’s Development Program is not only used to make a graduate a top attorney, but holistically aids to bring out the best in individuals. In essence you can take what you have learnt home. What ensues from this is the ability to guarantee that any of Norton Rose Fulbright’s clients can step into one of their offices around the world and be assured of receiving top quality service.

Norton Rose Fulbright is a firm that takes the growth of its employees seriously. It is a firm where people can be themselves while bringing their special skills to fruition, working in the midst of the best lawyers in the industry. Opportunities also exist to hone your skills in any of their 50 plus offices. The firm continually strives to improve in its endeavours to mentor and coach its staff. If you are looking for world class development in a global firm, your search may just have come to an end.

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